16 September 2013


In the beginning of the summer I was in Annecy at the animation festival. Here are some sketches I made down there plus a few from my everyday life.

12 September 2013

Some sketches and a commercial

Here are some more summer sketches:

And here is a commercial I made in school before the summer. We had around 5 weeks to do a 30 second commercial in groups of 7-8 people. I was the director on our commercial. It was great fun directing - something I would love to try again. My team did a great job and I had a lot of fun working with them. 
Check out my groups work: Lærke, Nynne, Maria, Simon, Steffen and Benjamin

The commercial was used at Roskilde Festival. It was cool to see your work playing on huge screens in front of hundreds of people.

Monday Night Croquis

09 September 2013


I have now scanned 3 new sketchbooks from this summer, so a wave of drawings is probably incoming!

08 September 2013


Here I wanted to try to work a little bit more with one of my sketches so I played around with it in photoshop for a little while. It was quite fun so I might do that more from now on.

01 September 2013

Long time no see

It's been a long time since I posted something on this blog - and I have plenty of sketches to show you from the summer!
A few months ago I was at the Annecy festival - so expect some frenchness coming up in my sketches.
I also spent my summer working at Nørlum on Song of the Sea and that was super fun!
But enough talking here are a few sketches - and once I find a working scanner I will keep them coming.