17 December 2011

TV Paint

We've finished our intro to TV paint and it was very fun. I like the program and find it relatively easy and intuitive to use. At first we did a cycle of a bird flying:

And then a little scene with a frog and a fly. All we got was a layout, a timeframe of around 10 seconds and then the beginning of a story: "A frog sits peacefully on a waterlily. A fly enters." From here we had to make up the rest on our own. This is what I ended up with after 2 days of work: 

Now it is time for christmas holiday :) 

09 December 2011

Acting Animation

Another week of animation is over. I finished the assignment on time and I am pretty happy with my result. It is not fully animated so I might go and finish the inbetweens and secondary actions later.

Next week we are going to start working with TV Paint. I have been looking forward to this for some time now. It is going to be nice to lose all the papers and to gain the beloved ctrl+z option. Uri Kranot is going to keep on teaching us, and I'm glad. He is a very good and nice teacher. He has taught me alot the last couple of weeks. So here is a caricature sketch I did of him: 

06 December 2011

02 December 2011

Panther Again

I just wanted you to see the attitude walk without the silly tail too:

And a quick sketch of my teacher:

Panther with attitude

An amazing week with Uri Kranot has passed and my panther is now walking confidently!
This assignment was really fun - it was tough but fun. I learned a lot from this and I am fairly happy with my result. The only thing I might want to change is the tail. 
Next week we are going to do some more acting animation. Fun stuff!