22 March 2011

Crazy Day

Yeah so today's been a bit crazywild. I started of taking a new route to school. It was nice taking my bike in the sunny weather. Next off in school we did some video tutorials of AE (After Effects) from videocopilot.net. They were really great and very educational. I'll give you an example of what I did. I made this cool looking title for example:

And I took this still picture: 

And turned it into this little bit of nice looking video: 

This was serious fun. I enjoy it a lot even though it took me some time.

After school we went to TAW. Here we got to know whether or not we we're invited to the test and interview. And luckily I was! So I'm very happy about that at the moment.
Another piece of delicious news is that Frøken Frost is open for the season again! YAY! I got my first icecream with 6 scopes of ice today to celebrate me and my friends for getting invited to the test.
After that I went home to Lasse and Jane, and together with Simon we watched a movie and ate some pizza!
I've had an amazing day, and hope that goes for the rest of you too!

21 March 2011

After Effects 2

Today we continued our lessons in Adobe After Effects. We took a video of a sunny and wavy beach and turned it in to a stormy and rainy storm. Take a look at my result:
I hope the video upload works this time!
(I might upload some of my croquis from the evening session later)

18 March 2011

After Effects

So we're back at the media school after a couple of weeks of portfolio making, and now we're learning to use Adobe After Effects. We did a couple of excercises today, but unfortunately I only saved 1 of them. Here it is: 
Yeah, I don't know how to embed the video so you're gonna have to make do with a link for now :)

17 March 2011


Hey all!

It's been quite some time since I last posted anything in here. Well I've been busy with a bunch of stuff - I've moved, made my portfolio and a lot of other things. I won't write too much, I'll upload my portfolio instead and hope all of you will like it! Please enjoy :)