27 September 2012


We've started animating Hogan. It is fun to try something a little more complex than the Luxo Lamp, but it can also be a bit frustrating at times. For this assignment we were supposed to make him bow. I wanted mine to be a medieval guardian who's been standing outside of a castle all day. He's really tired and just wants to sleep, but it is his job to guard the gates and bow for those who enter.

14 September 2012

Not quite Pixar

Today was our first day of animating a character with a rig. We got a FK rig of the Luxo lamp, and were asked to make a hopcycle. It was a bit harder than just animating a ball, but I still think it is very fun to do!

13 September 2012

Ball In Room

On our fourth day of Maya, we were to create a short scene with a ball. We could do pretty much whatever we wanted, as long as we used what we had learned. I made up a short story and had so much fun animating it! I hope you'll like it.

11 September 2012

My very first Maya post(with animation)

So yesterday we got our first introduction to animation in Maya. So far I think it is really fun, and I am looking much more forward to animating in 3D than I was before I had tried it.
At home i spent 20-30 minutes experimenting in Maya, and I even have something to show! So here is my very first public Maya animation:

06 September 2012

Sneak Peek

So my vacation is over and I have filled a couple sketchbooks. I scanned a bunch of the drawings today, but I won't upload all of them. You can have a peek at a few and then you'll have to come back later to see the rest. Enjoy.