10 May 2011

R.I.P. my friend

I'm gonna dedicate this post to my late childhood friend Jacob Neergaard.
He and 2 others died in an unfortunate accident late saturday/early sunday. Let's all take a moment and send some positive thoughts to the relatives of the deceased.
Jacob Rosenkrantz de Neergaard may you rest in peace. You will be missed and always remain loved.


Okay it's pretty late so I'm gonna make it quick.
Here are some sketches, let me know what you think!

And now I will ask you to just take a moment and look at these three different versions of my colored sketch.
1...2...3... GO!  

Are you done checking the 3 different color versions out? No? 
Well then check them again!

Okay, now that you've been looking at 3 almost identical drawings for 15 mintutes(or maybe less) you must have a favorite. Now your job is to tell me which style of coloring you like the most. Good luck and enjoy!

Oh and drive safely please.

07 May 2011

There goes my brain!


May 5th 2011 was probably the best day in my life! I started of in school doing a bit of animation(which you will see later) and then Anne told me that I had received my letter from the Animation Workshop. All of a sudden my heart started beating, I started sweating and shaking. So the last part of the animation I did came out a bit shakier because I couldn't really concentrate. I came home, went into my room, opened the letter and tears rolled down my face. My lifelong dream came true! I will as of August 29th be a first year student of character animation at the Animation Workshop! I was so happy I went into a state of shock. I didn't know what to do. I just sat on my bed, did a sudoku or two and then I realized I needed to tell my mom and dad. Of course they were very happy for me. I scared my mom a bit (I always like doing that in these kinds of situations ;) ) but she was happy. I celebrated it with a piece of cake with Jane and we headed home to her place accompanied by Simon and Lasse. At their place we head a great dinner with a lot of our nice friends and we went to Paletten to hear The Artems. It was almost certain the best concert I've ever been to. Two thirds of the audience were from the school and everyone was dancing and jumping around. The music was amazing and the mood was unbelievable. 2 jumpy and sweaty hours later Simon, Lasse, Iona and I walked our way to Merkurkollegiet, where we watched the original Star Wars trilogy all night. We kept ourselves awake and ran down to the school at 7.30 next morning. My day ended with a wild and loud morning dance. After that I went straight home into my bed. I fell asleep at 9 o'clock, after 25 hours I'll probably never forget.

04 May 2011

May the fourth be with you.

Happy Star Wars day everyone!
Okay, a few minutes ago a countdown ended on maythe4th.starwars.com and it redirected you to www.foxmovies.com/. I'm not quite sure what this means. It has probably got something to do with the bluray-complete saga release on september 16th. I've searched the net and what I found was a link that revealed the disc details for the bluray set. That's all i've found so far. But hopefully there's something bigger and more exciting out there, that I just haven't found. 
On another note I scanned more sketches for you to see! 

"Most people want to live long lives, but they don't want it to show on their bodies that their wish came true"

 "Normally the summer is much colder than normally" 

"Never envy a rich man - he is just a poor man with money" 

The last sketch I tried coloring in photoshop. It turned out nice I think, so I might do that more in the future!

PS: I just got a call that our answers from the Animation Workshop is out! Unfortunately I didn't hear it in time, so I'll have to wait for the mail to get me mine. My heart is beating so fast right now!

02 May 2011


I scanned some pages of my sketchbooks today!
Now you'll be able to see a little bit of what I draw every day :) I hope you'll like them.

Ooh! And yesterday I purchased the album "Discovery" by Born of Osiris - and o-m-g is it the best music ever made! It's so crazy-wildly-nicely-amazingly-fantastic! I've been listening to it nonstop since i bought it.
Tomorrow I will be going to Kolding for my admission test/interview or whatever it is. So keep your fingers crossed!