30 April 2011

Antsy pants!

I'm sitting in my mother's apartment drawing in my sketchbook and listening to this AMAZING music. I made a playlist of some Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros, Juno Soundtrack and Antsy Pants. And especially Antsy Pants' music is really joyful. You should check them out.
Today at school we had a short and fun day. We tried to put sounds into our animations in flash. It was great fun. I tried to put sounds on some of my walkcycles, but the program wouldn't let me. Fortunately I had made some new animations! But I have problems uploading them with sound.
So for now you will have to make do with this awesome movie Jane, Anne and I made the last week before easter. Cheers!
wall fight from Christoffer Kramme on Vimeo.

28 April 2011


Hey all!
So I brought some of my flashstuff home today and I will try to post it here. I'm not sure if it will work but let's give it a try.
First of is an image I made when I was bored in class.
It turned out fun so it will be your appetizer for today. Next up is what I made when we played around with shapetweening. It's just something quick smashed together, so it's not nicelooking or anything. But you get an idea of what I pretend to be learning in school. 


Next up we tried to do a bit more "real" animation. We did some walkcycles and funny stuff, and here are some of my works!
I hope you liked at least a small amount of what I brought you today, and maybe you will check my blog out again some time!

27 April 2011

Hey all.
It's been some time since I posted something here and I won't post much today.
We've just had our easter holiday, and I spent it with my father. It was so good to see him and everyone over there again, and I had an amazing time.
I'll post something a bit more interesting soon. We've started learning Adobe Flash yesterday, so I might have something to show you guys from that. Maybe I'll throw a video or two from the last weeks of After Effects too, we'll se what happens :)