31 March 2013

The Reward

A year ago I helped some super cool guys and good friends of mine make their bachelor film The Reward. It's an amazing 9-minute long short film and you all owe yourself to go watch it! Once you've seen it come back here and I'll tell you the best news you've heard all day!

Back from watching it? Great.
Now if you were as excited about the film as I was and a lot of other people I know was here is the great news: The directors behind the film teamed up with their friend and director behind Under The Fold, and created Suncreature Studios! Right now they're in the middle of trying to crowdfund a series based on The Reward called "The Reward - Tales of Alethrion". They are doing it on kickstarter and I have already pledged all of my money(almost)! It would be so cool to see what these three extremely talented people can do with an opportunity such as this. Therefore I'm supporting them in every way I can.

Now, if you liked the short and wanna help Suncreature Studios, all the fans and me make this come true you can do so by sharing this link: www.kickstarter.com/projects/1862188728/the-reward-tales-of-alethrion  everywhere you can. If you are up for it maybe you can even put in a little something yourself, everything counts!

Thank you for helping, I'll give everyone who helps a high five, so you should definitely consider doing it!

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