11 May 2012

Short, Short Film

For the last 4 weeks I've been busy with the Short, Short Film project at my school. We worked in small teams of 6-7 people mixed between the CA and the CGA class. My group consisted of  Karina, Pernille, Julie, Mathias, Lærke, Henning and me.
In the beginning we got 2 random elements that we had to use in our film - poison and jealousy. We also got 2 different styleguides that we had to mash-up and create a new version of. The styles we got in my group was Tim Biskup and 20th century rubberhose animation. 
In the beginning everyone did a bit of everything, but as we moved on in the preproduction and production the diffferent roles in a team became more clear. I ended up being lead character designer, lead animator and co-editor/soundeditor.  
It was really fun, and very educational! This is our result: 

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  1. Excellent! Great to see that you got to such a polished result. It's amazing how much experience you can gain from creating short films from beginning to end within a short time span. Great work man, thanks for sharing.