28 April 2011


Hey all!
So I brought some of my flashstuff home today and I will try to post it here. I'm not sure if it will work but let's give it a try.
First of is an image I made when I was bored in class.
It turned out fun so it will be your appetizer for today. Next up is what I made when we played around with shapetweening. It's just something quick smashed together, so it's not nicelooking or anything. But you get an idea of what I pretend to be learning in school. 


Next up we tried to do a bit more "real" animation. We did some walkcycles and funny stuff, and here are some of my works!
I hope you liked at least a small amount of what I brought you today, and maybe you will check my blog out again some time!

1 comment:

  1. haha, fedt. sikke nogle flotte walk cycles du har christoffer ! ;)
    - kan især godt lide den sidste, kan specielt godt lide at skyerne bevæger sig synkront hen over himlen med 'væsnerne'.

    knus og kram fra kam.


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